01. He [displayed] his trophies on a shelf over his desk.
02. They [displayed] their children's artwork on the walls of their living room.
03. The show was a remarkable [display] of his singing talent.
04. This year's fireworks [display] was much better than last year's.
05. They are setting up a wonderful [display] of traditional clothing from their culture.
06. The newest video games will be on [display] at the fair.
07. The child knocked over a [display] of crystal wine glasses, breaking at least a dozen of them.
08. The winner's performance was an awesome [display] of strength and skill.
09. There is a Hebrew proverb which states that when two men quarrel, the one who yields first [displays] the nobler character.
10. Studies now show that using a computer or video [display] terminal will not harm your eyes.
11. Studies show that almost all animal societies [display] clear patterns of territorial, hierarchical, and sexual inequality.
12. Any [displays] of the more intimate parts of the body, including the shoulders, stomach, calves, and thighs is prohibited in many Muslim cultures.
13. [Displaying] an open mouth is considered rude in Japan, which is why women generally cover their mouth when laughing.
14. Gorillas are known for their chest beating [displays] when in danger.
15. South Africa boasts one of the most diverse wildlife [displays] on Earth.
16. The Otavalo market in Ecuador has grown from a small [display] of natively produced goods to one of the country's main tourist attractions.
17. In Fiji, a commoner who [displays] great leadership skills can be elevated to the rank of high chief.
18. In Borneo a hundred years ago, war included cutting off the enemy's head, smoking and drying it and then hanging it up for [display].
19. In a recent study conducted at a museum, researchers gauged the popularity of each exhibit by noting how quickly the floor tiles in front of the [display] needed to be replaced.
20. Edward Bulwer-Lytton once said that one of the surest evidences of friendship that one individual can [display] to another is telling him gently of a fault.

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